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What others say about Leander

"Leander is always pushing me to be a better version of myself! He's incredibly dedicated to his "craft and it's inspiring to see how much passion and effort he puts into helping others succeed in their careers. I've learned a lot from him about personal branding and content marketing. I've heard him drop gems on his podcast, Spark your Success, and consider myself lucky to be a guest on the show.

Karthy Chandra

"Leander is a pleasure to work with. He gave insight on the best way to cater to clients in a thoughtful, genuine way. He is dedicated and meticulous in each step of building his business and supporting communities. Leander can uplift any environment he is placed in and continues to leave a positive impression. If you’re thinking of connecting with him, DO IT!"

Paige Drane

"Keep your eye on this guy! The energy, the drive, the eagerness to learn and share....truly remarkable. I met Leander when I gave a talk to his senior finance class at Georgia State a couple years ago. The initiative he took to develop and nurture a relationship that has benefited us both shows he practices what he preaches and knows what he's talking about!"

Jeff Pierce

"Leander Howard II, the CEO of SparkYourResume, is exceptionally kind, respective and knowledgeable. I was honored to attend Spark Your Success webinar with Leander Howard II on Jumpstart . He shared precious information on how to introduce yourself as a professional, navigating interviews and workspaces as well as Sparkling a resume/LinkedIn Account. I would definitely encourage anyone looking for a job to contact Leander and get some first class help from a professional like Leander."

Anni Bamwenda

"After evaluating past work Leander Howard has done to transform people's resumes, I decided to use his service. The experience & knowledge he has is very exceptional. Leander provides tools & great feedback on how to properly interview for professional jobs as well as enhancing your resume to display that professional image. I would highly recommend his Services!"

Bruce Heyward

"Leander is amazing!! He is driven, ambitious, and not afraid to take risks. What I love most about Leander is that he is not just looking out for himself. He wants to uplift and bring others along with him on his journey. He is a true leader."

Jeffery Harding