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Leander Howard II

Leander Howard II

Host of Spark Your Success and ceo of spark your resume

Leander is the Founder & CEO of Spark Your Resume & the Host of Spark Your Success Podcast. He has a background in Finance and Marketing and works full time at Adobe as a Financial Analyst. In his first year of business, he generated $80K with his Resume Writing and Career Advancement Services Company. He prides himself on being resourceful and being a student of the game. “You are the CEO of your own life, it’s time you start acting like it.

”Leander has shared his entrepreneurial journey with the world via social media since he started in March of 2020 - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Leander believes not everyone is made to be an entrepreneur but everyone should be willing to learn. Entrepreneurship is a sport, you have to learn how to play the game and build a championship team.

By popular demand, Leander saw an opportunity to help starting entrepreneurs like himself learn from his wins and losses, therefore, they don’t make the costly mistakes he made during his first year. He wants to be a resource to anyone who wants to learn and who is willing to put in the work because it is not easy. However, building a business from scratch is by far rewarding, you can’t do it without putting the right systems and people in place. Leander believes you don’t need a partner to start a business, but you do need a team to scale a business.

About The Session:

Leander is offering 1-on-1 business coaching to help young entrepreneurs find clarity in their business and identify what tools and resources they need to automate their business. Your business is an entity of you, it’s not you!

During the coaching session we can discuss one or all of the following topics:
  • Business Finance & Accounting

  • Business Marketing & Automation

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Operational Management

  • Sales & Lead Generation

  • Human Resources

  • Web Development & Information Technology

The session will be held via ZOOM!
I am here to help you find clarity in your future or already growing business. Let's work!

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